Working Late


My favorite assistant, Roger, was truly amazing. He was the most efficient assistant I have ever had in my twenty years in various managerial positions. For a fantastic looking guy in his mid twenties, Roger never acted like a conceited young stud. Always friendly and helpful, he was a true treasure to have in the office. But his office skills are not his best talents.

When our company was going through a merger recently, my job became very stressful. I was having to spend long hours at the office, and the auditors were driving me crazy. One night we had stayed extra late, trying to keep up with the extra demands. Roger had been with me, doing everything from finding crucial files to getting me dinner.

It was very late when he came into the conference room where I was at one end, surrounded by files. I was sitting with my eyes closed and my face in my hands, trying to clear my head. I heard him set the files I had requested on the table. Instead of asking me if there was anything else I needed, I felt his hands on my shoulders.

“You are very tense, Delia,” he said as he began kneading my taut muscles. “I hope you don’t mind, but I hate seeing you so stressed. Do you want me to stop?”

“No, please don’t stop,” I answered as I sat back in the chair and let my hands fall in my lap. I knew I was letting him cross a line, but his warm hands felt so good as he massaged my shoulders. And it was easing my tension a little. Roger worked his way to my neck, and continued his way up. I could feel him loosening the clips that held my long, dark hair up, and felt it fall and slide across my cheek.

He threaded his hands through my hair and began to massage the back of my head with his fingertips, making little circles on my scalp. No one had ever done that to me before, and it felt wonderful. I sighed, the tension easing as his fingers wound through my hair.

“Good, now just relax and enjoy.” I could hear the smile in Roger’s voice as he spoke.

He worked his way around until he reached my forehead, then began giving my face gentle attention. He stroked his fingertips across my forehead, making the same little circles. He took care to caress every single inch of my face. By the time he came to my lips I was leaning my head back against his taut stomach. He gently traced each lip with his thumbs as he cupped my chin in his hands.

“I think that’s the first time you’ve smiled since you greeted me this morning,” he said. “I’m glad I can help.”

I could feel his fingers massaging my jaw line and working their way down my neck. It tingled from his hands to my genitals as he got lower, his hands sliding under my collar. He was almost to the swell of my breasts, but then he moved his hands back up to my shoulders. I felt a little disappointed. Then I mentally shook myself.

Roger’s voice broke into my thoughts. “You know this jacket is really in the way of me being effective here. Would you take it off please?”

His tone sounded more like an assumption that I would comply than a request. But I stood up to take the jacket off anyway. He took it from me and hung it over another chair, then took my hand and pulled me away from where I’d been sitting.

“You’re looking better,” he told me while he surveyed my body, “but you still need some serious help.” His deep blue eyes met my brown ones. “Will you let me help you, Delia?” His gaze was open and guileless. I looked for ulterior motives, maybe even hoped for them, but he gave no indication that he meant anything besides the wonderful massage he had started giving me.

“Yes, please,” I answered. The massage was a nice treat, something I had been far short on lately with all the grueling hours I had been putting in at work.

“The first thing we need to do is get you away from all these files,” he said as he led me to the other end of the conference table. He smiled. “And next is to get you a little more comfortable.”

He polatlı escort bent down and grasped the back of my ankle and lifted my foot. I had to put my hand quickly on his shoulder for support. He quickly slipped off one shoe, and then did the same with my other foot. With my heels on I was a respectable 5′ 6″, and felt like more of an equal with most of my coworkers, but without them I was a diminutive 5’3″. He stood up and suddenly Roger was almost a foot taller than I was.

I looked up and he smiled at me again. Damn, I had never noticed he had such a devastating smile. It was starting to really have an effect on me now, though. The way his eyes lit up and the corners of his mouth slowly curled made me feel a lurch in the pit of my stomach.

“First things first,” he said. “I’m going to rub your feet but I can’t do it properly through those pantyhose. Please remove them.”

He quickly turned and got a couple of blankets out of the cupboard against the wall, a must-have for someone like me who often spends the night at the office. While he got them I slipped my hose off without hesitation and tossed them onto a nearby chair. He left the blankets partially folded and laid them on the conference table. Then he turned back to me.

“Good.” he smiled as he glanced at my bare legs, and reached for me. Before I could say a word he had put his hands around my waist and lifted me off my feet. He set me on the conference table.

“Now lay down and let me show you how great I can make you feel.” He said.

I looked quickly at him, wondering if now his ulterior motive would be apparent, but his gaze seemed artless and devoid of hidden meaning. I laid on my stomach as he directed, with my forehead on my hands. He began to move his hands over my shoulders once more. After a minute or two he paused.

“What is it?” I asked him.

It’s your blouse, Delia” Roger explained. “It’s in my way, and I’d hate to snag it. I could do much better for you if you would take it off.”

He didn’t even ask this time, he just assumed I would do it as he sat back and waited. I found myself unbuttoning my blouse, and savoring the sensation of the silk slipping over my shoulders and down my arms as he pulled it off. I felt a shiver up my spine as my skin was exposed to the air. He traced that same path with his finger up my backbone until he reached my bra strap. Then suddenly I felt it release, and he continued all the way up to my neck.

I should have stopped him at that point. I was sure my naked back under his hands was breaking all the office rules, not to mention my own personal ones. I didn’t want to stop him though. His warm, firm hands on my skin felt too good. I admitted to myself that I was becoming a little aroused, but I still didn’t think he was going to give me anything but a nice, relaxing massage.

Roger got up on the table and sat beside me. He began kneading my shoulders in earnest, his strong fingers getting deep into tight muscles. I moaned slightly every now and then as he worked an especially tight spot.

When he finished with my shoulders he straightened my arms and continued, squeezing and rubbing the tension out all the way to my fingertips. He slid my bra straps down my arms, and I lifted just enough for him to slide my bra all the way off. It felt good to lose that constraint, too.

He had leaned closer and closer as his hands roved down my arms. When he got to my wrists he was nearly lying on top of me. I could feel the heat from his chest, and the pressure of his stomach against my lower back. His hands slid from my shoulders to my hands with just the right pressure until he reached my fingers, then tugging and squeezing on them he pulled the tension from me.

I felt a quick chill when he sat up. It had made me very warm to have him that close. I’d wanted him to get closer still.

Next he massaged pursaklar escort my back. His hands pressed and kneaded their way from my shoulders to the waist of my skirt. I felt his hands at my side as he released the button and pulled the zipper down. I ignored the implications as I felt him push it down as he worked, his hands ever closer to the sensitive cleft of my ass.

He stopped a couple of inches above the elastic of my bikini panties and changed direction to move up my sides. As his fingertips moved closer and closer to the swell of my breasts, I held my breath without even realizing it, until just brushing past them, he returned to my spine. I exhaled audibly as he caressed once more down the length of my back and then got up.

He took my foot in his hand and worked the same magic on my toes as on my upper body. Tending to each one, gently tugging and rubbing and making the rest of my body feel wonderful in response. He then rubbed his thumb up the arch of my foot to my heel, grasping my foot in his hands and making me forget I had ever endured the torture of high heels from seven that morning until he took them off my aching feet.

Gradually Roger’s hands began to travel up my legs. He squeezed and kneaded and caressed my ankles and my calves. I was beginning to think I’d never been so relaxed in all my life. As his hands passed over my knees I began to have a different feeling. His actions were still the same, but it felt very different for me as his hands slid under the hem of my skirt. The anticipatory sensations I was feeling between my legs was beginning to make me wet. I began hoping his fingers would go higher.

Roger’s hands were right at the tops of my thighs, I could feel the tickle of nerves from him almost touching my swollen pussy lips. Whether subconsciously or purposefully I cannot say, but my body strained back toward him and his fingertip barely grazed my satin-covered lips.

I felt him pause. I could feel the heat of his skin next to mine through the thin layer of light blue satin that separated us. Slowly he moved again, lightly tracing a very deliberate line along my slit and up the cleft that separated my bottom. I gasped and shivered visibly at the intimacy of his touch.

“Do you want me to stop, Delia?” he asked as he paused with his fingertips barely under the elastic of my bikini panties.

“No,” I whispered, the breath barely escaping from my lips. “Please don’t stop.”

He eased the satin over my hips at an agonizingly slow pace. I could feel every thread of the fabric as it glided over my skin, sending my already heightened nerves tingling. His fingers barely grazed the silky skin on my ass as he slid them under the elastic to the sides. He inched them down to my knees and then quickly slipped them off the rest of the way.

His hands slid back up to my hips and grasped my skirt to pull it off too. I should have been embarrassed, but it felt too wonderful. There I was laying completely naked on the table in the conference room, my hot young assistant putting his hands on me to squeeze both sides of my bare ass in his hands.

He took his time. He kneaded my flesh softly at first, then more firmly. I could feel his fingers wandering slowly downward. I gave into the sensations coursing through me and warming my most sensitive parts. As his fingers traveled closer to that vee at the top of my thighs I opened my legs to him. His hand slid between my thighs to cover my quivering pussy. He parted his fingers and drew his hand back toward himself so he placed even pressure on both sides of my slit.

My moan was his encouragement, this time he slid a finger between the other two and parted the lips he was pressing against, dipping into my wetness before ending his stroke just short of my hot button. I pushed toward him, but his fingers had already slid down again.

“Ohhh…” I sighed ankara escort as he traced that same path back and forth. His leisurely pace was deliciously maddening. My whole body seemed like it was in the arousal zone, I could feel the heat trace of his hands everywhere on me… and the fire was centered right beneath his hand. By now Roger’s fingers were easily gliding over my natural slipperiness.

He slipped a finger just to the entrance of my pussy. I pushed back against him but he pulled it away, this time skimming his fingers up the divide between my ass cheeks and back down. I moaned as he paused to press against my ass just a little bit.

His fingers immediately slid back down my slit, increasing the pressure a little as he parted my lips with two fingers. He pressed a finger to the slick entrance to my pussy, then pushed the tip of it into me, taking me by surprise and making me gasp.

Roger trailed his fingers once more up between my ass cheeks, then traced a path down my thigh. He grasped my hips in his hands, and I could feel him pushing his knees between my thighs. He pulled me up, pushing my thighs apart and under me at the same time.

I could feel the tip of his cock sliding against my slit. He paused at the wet entrance to my pulsing depths. He held me still for a moment. I could hear both of us breathing, mine quick and shallow, his slow and steady. Then he asked me again.

“Do you want me to stop, Delia?”

“No,” I answered softly, “please don’t stop.”

The words were barely out of my mouth when he pulled me onto him hard as he thrust his hips forward. His cock pushed aside my snug inner walls until he bounced off my cervix. Roger quickly drew back, then buried himself to his balls once again. I braced my hands on the table and pushed back into him stroke for stroke as he fucked me hard and fast.

The way he was fucking me was such an abrupt change from his gentle massage. The switch threw me a little off balance. I felt Roger’s hands inching toward my breasts. Then he captured them in his hands, kneading and tugging on them and using them to pull me back and forth on his cock.

I could feel my inner muscles tensing, feel the heat from our bodies making me wetter with each stroke of his hard shaft. My moans increased as he gently pulled and tugged on my nipples. I brought my hand down between my legs and began to rub my clit. Roger slowed the pace with his throbbing cock, pinching and twisting my nipples harder.

I shuddered, my ass rubbing against him as he pushed deeply into me once again. My inner muscles squeezed hard around him and my body arched as my orgasm exploded through me. Roger released his grip on my nipples to grip my hips once more. He groaned as his fingers dug into my flesh. He held me there, grinding the head of his cock against my cervix, and I could feel his cock pulsing inside me as he filled me with his cum.

As the spasms in our bodies subsided, Roger leaned over me. He held himself up with one hand, wrapping the other around my waist and holding me against him still. He slid his hand over my stomach and down over my thigh, making me shiver. He kissed my back between my shoulder blades as his softening cock slipped from me and he got up.

Roger helped me turn over, then sat down beside me and took me into his arms. He kissed me, his tongue roving over my mouth lazily. When he finally released me, he smiled and looked in my eyes.

“Did you enjoy your massage, Delia?” he asked. “Was it everything you’d hoped it would be?” He smiled at me as though he’d known all along.

I smiled back into his eyes. It didn’t matter. It had been wonderful from start to finish and I told him so. I was so relaxed I wasn’t going to go back to work. I told him that to. He reacted exactly as I’d hoped he would, and asked if I minded if he stayed with me anyway. We didn’t leave the conference room until about six the next morning, when we showered in the company gym and then went out for breakfast.

Roger got the promotion I put him up for a few weeks ago and I miss him as my assistant. But I don’t worry about working late at the office any more. We still get together for a ‘conference’ a couple of times a week.

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