Would You Fuck Your Buddy’s Wife?

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Would You Fuck Your Buddy’s Wife?I saw my phone flash that I had a new test message.I opened it and was shocked to see my buddy’s wife Donna!She was sitting there nude with her legs open showing me her sexy and extremely wet pussy!The message said “Your cock should be in here! Please fuck me!”I could not believe that my best friend’s wife had just sent me a request for a fuck. I thought maybe she had sent to me by mistake so I decided to send a quick response that would give her a chance to bail out.“I think you might have sent your message to the wrong number….this is Rob.” I sent backIn a few seconds I heard my phone announce another text.“This is Donna and I want to fuck you soon Rob!” was the messageMy mind raced as I thought about what was going on. Donna was my best friend’s wife. They had been married for a couple of years. I had been my best man at the wedding. Donna had always been friendly but she had never indicated that she was sexually interest in me. I wondered what she was really up to. Was this some kind of a gag? How should I respond to this message?I decided that the best thing to do was to call her husband Doug. I quickly hit his number. The phone range and then his familiar voice was on the line.“Hi Rob! What’s up buddy?” Doug said“Not much I was just seeing what you are up to.” I asked letting the conversation go its own way“I can’t talk long. I’m on a business trip to New York this week. It kind of came up sudden but hey I’m with the boss and we are being wined and dined. Hell, we are probably going to get laid tonight!” Doug laughed“Sounds like you are going to have a good time! I hope your old lady doesn’t find out!” I laughed“Hey, Donna is a good wife but getting a little something on the side puts a new spark in a guy! Too bad you are not here, we could both get some strange just like the old days!” Doug laughed“No worries dude! I think I just got an invite for some new pussy here!” I laughed“Well fuck her good, brother!” Doug said with enthusiasmI wondered what to do next and decided I wanted to check out Doug’s story so I called his office. I did tell who I was and was quickly told that Doug was out of the office for the balance of the week on business but that I could leave a message and he would call me back.I hung up the phone and looked at the nude picture of my best friend’s sexy wife. Her pussy looked so wet and so sexy! I wondered what it would feel like to have my cock pumping her canlı bahis pussy. I looked at her sexy face and I wanted to know what she would look like with my cock in her mouth! I already knew that I was going to fuck her so who was I k**ding. I called her number.“Hi Rob! I was wondering if you were going to call! Did you like my picture?” Donna asked with a sexy tone in her voice“I loved your picture! Your pussy looks like it needs a good fucking! Do you think Doug is going to like me banging you?” I asked with a tease in my voice“Well, I’m not going to tell him are you?” she replied“Fuck no! I will be over in a few minutes!” I saidI thought about what I was about to do but then I decided “what the fuck”! It was not like Doug did not fuck around on Donna. Hell, I had covered for him several times and besides deep down I had always wanted to fuck Donna.I knocked on the door and in an instant the door opened to Donna standing there nude and looking so very sexy. I stepped in and she melted into my arms. Our lips met and the parted as our tongues explored each other’s mouth. My hands roamed over her firm and oh so sexy body. Donna moaned as my finger’s gently pulled her hard nipples.“So Rob, are you going to give me some cock?” she said as she led me to the couch“Fuck Donna, you are so fucking hot!” said as we sat on the couchDonna spread her legs and showed me her pussy. I lowered my hand to her pussy and looked in her eyes. Donna just smiled as my hand reached for her hot pussy.Her pussy was so wet as my fingers slowly started to slid up and down her slit. Her hips jerked as I found her clit and I gently pulled on her nub. My finger retraced back down to her sweet opening. I pushed my finger deep into her. Donna moaned as I fingered her wet pussy. I felt her hand grab my arm and then she reached up and started to kiss my neck as I fingered her pussy. My thumb rubbed her clit as I inserted a second finger.“Fuck yes that is it!” she screamedMy mouth lowered to her nipple and I started to suck on her sexy tits. I could feel her bucking as my hand pleasured her pussy and my lips and tongue worked her tender breast.“OHHHH Fuck!” she screamed as an orgasm hit herDonna’s hips were jerking and her fingers grabbed the back of my head pulling me onto her tits. Her body jerked violently which told me that my buddy’s wife was having a world shattering orgasm. Just as she was recovering from her climax her cell phone started to ring.“Fuck, bahis siteleri now he wants to call me! Don’t worry baby, let me talk to my husband and then I am going to suck your cock!” Donna said as she picked up her phone“Hi Honey! How is New York? Do you miss me?” Donna said and then listened for a few seconds“Sorry, I was working out when you called. Yeah, I was kind of out of breath but no worry here!” Donna went onI stood up and started to undress. Donna suddenly was looking at me as she saw my body for the first time. When I pulled down my pants my cock was revealed to her for the first time. Donna moaned as she looked at the cock that was going to fuck her.“Sorry Doug, I got a cramp. It is getting better now. Yeah, I probably need to rub it.” Donna saidI stepped closer and Donna wrapped her fingers around my cock and started to stroke me.“Yes baby, I’m rubbing it right now. It is so stiff I will probably have to work it all night long! Ok, I love you too! Have a good time! Bye!” Donna said as she hung up the phone“Fuck Rob! I want to suck this big cock so bad!” Donna said as she pulled me back to the couchI sat down and watched as Donna lowered her head into my lap. I felt her mouth open and my cock being sucked by her sweet married mouth!Donna started to rub her pussy as her mouth slip up and down my cock. I quickly discovered that my buddy’s wife was an expert and very willing cocksucker!“Your cock is so big! I’m going to drain every bit of cum right out of these balls!” Donna said between taking my cock deep.She slid on to her knees and started to suck my cock while looking up into my eyes. I could see her salvia dripping down my dick. I looked over toward the TV across the room and could see the wedding picture of Donna and Doug. I would look at the picture and then back at Donna as she worked my cock. I had never been so turned on. I grabbed her head and pushed her mouth down my cock. I felt her start to resist but then she relaxed and let me push her mouth up and down my cock. I released her head and she sat back and looked at me while her hand pumped my cock.“I need you to fuck me! I have wanted to fuck you for years and now I am going to get this big cock in my pussy!” Donna said as she stood up and then bent over spreading her legs. Her pussy was open. I watched as she fingered her puss while looking over her shoulder at me.I stood behind her and rubbed my cockhead up and down the pussy of güvenilir bahis my buddy’s wife. “FUCK ME! PLEASE!” she beggedMy cock entered her and she groaned as I buried the entire cock into her.I grabbed her hips and started to slowly push my cock in and out of her. I looked down and could see her pussy juice shinning on my cock. I stopped pushing and Donna started to push back and then pull forward. She was so turned on she was fucking me!“Your cock feel so good! I have been needing a new cock! Fucking the same dick gets so old! Come on Baby bang me! Making a slut!” Fuck me baby!” Donna said with lust burning in her eyesI put my hands on her shoulders and grabbed her hard. I started to take long slow strokes out but then I slammed the cock deep into her. I repeated this over and over. Her ass giggled each time I pumped my cock into her willing pussy. I looked across the room again and could see the wedding picture and smiled as I started to hammer Donna’s willing but married pussy. “Do you like that slut? Do you like my cock in your pussy instead of your husband? I like fucking you! In fact from now on I am going to bang you each time he not home! Is that what you want to get fucked like a cheating whore?” I said as I pounded her sweet married pussy“OH Fuck yes! I need to be fucked! I want to look my husband in the eyes when he fucks me and think how good your cock is!” Donna saidI pounded her harder! I could hear the slap of my thighs and pelvis pounding her ass! Suddenly I watched as Donna arched her back as her orgasm hit her. She moaned loudly and then fell flat on the couch. She was just a quivering mess as I stood there and stroked my cock. She was starting to come around and I knew that I needed to cum soon. I pulled her up and kissed her but then pushed her to her knees. Donna looked up at me and knew what was going to happen. She opened her mouth and started to suck my cock. She pulled on me with her hand. It was as if she needed me to cum as badly as I did!She looked up at me as my balls released. Her lips wrapped around my cock as I felt the cum shoot onto her willing mouth. My balls had never released so much cum. She could not take it all and as pulled back some of my cum splattered on her face.Donna looked up at me and her eyes told me that she was willing to do anything I wanted from now on!(A word from the author, it can be a real turn on to think of fucking a friend’s wife. It is a bigger one to do it for real. Fortunately for me I have done it several times. I love that feeling of fucking pussy that belongs to another guy. If you like the story give it a thumbs up and as always messages and comments are welcome.)

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