“Yes Daddy.” Ch. 02

Big Dick

AUTHORS NOTE: Based upon a true story of my intimate encounter’s with a young woman. Names have been changed to protect the guilty (or is that the horny?) I am hard at work on my next multi-part story. Please rate and comment, thank you.

“Let’s get kinky daddy. I’ve been a bad girl, please discipline me?”


I got home after a shitty day at work, but I was excited because John was coming over. And I had received an email earlier that day which made me ecstatic. The email informed me that my package was waiting at home. I got out of my car that evening and made haste to the front doors of my building. Sure enough, the box was sitting in the lobby.

I went upstairs and quickly unlocked my door. I set my things down with the box and went to grab my scissors. I opened it carefully and started unpacking the kinky items. I pulled the sex toys out and set them aside for later. I really wanted to see the other items first.

The full body stocking was on top, it was black fishnet with no crotch in it. I sighed and looked at the sexy blonde on the package, hoping I looked that good in it. Then I saw the leather cuffs, I opened them and admired the quality, they were very well made. They were wide, comfortable restraints with a 4″ chain between them.

And then I pulled the black boots out with the 3″ heels. I would look very submissive and slutty in them for daddy. The thought of that made me happy and wet in my panties.

I had an hour to get ready for him, I didn’t have time to waste. I took a quick shower, and did my make-up. I put on the body stocking and my new boots, and I remembered the collar I had bought months ago. I liked myself over in the mirror, my thick pubic hairs catching the sunlight that was coming in through my windows. I looked at my prominent nipples and my purple lipstick with thick, black eyeliner. I looked very goth, it was unusual for me, but I liked it. I felt it was very appropriate for the occasion to look like a slutty, sensual submissive.

I soon heard the buzzer at my door. A few minutes later I greeted him, he was dressed all in black and looked so gorgeous to me. He wrapped me up in his arms and hugged me tight, his strong grip felt my ample butt cheeks and made me giggle with naughty delight.

“Are you ready for this babe?” He asked me in a low whisper, sending shivers all down my freshly shaved legs.

“Yes daddy, more than ready.” I took him by the hand and led him to the bedroom. I showed him the new sex toys and the tools of discipline. He picked up the flogger and the riding crop, testing them on his open palm.

“You wanna use one of those on me?” I asked him coyly.

“Of course I do.” He said with a smirk, he walked over to the chair near my bed and sat down. “Get over here slut.”

I remembered to hand him the new blindfold and the leather restraints. “Where do you want me daddy?”

“Over my knees baby.” He pulled me close and I let him guide me so I was bending over and presenting my round ass to him. He put the blindfold on me and laid me across his knees. I felt him buckle the restraints behind my back. I was totally exposed to him and at his mercy, and at his command. That alone made me start to leak between sincan escort bayan my legs, my arousal was already flowing.

He began rubbing and stroking the back of my thighs, up over my ass and down again. His touch was delicate at first, then the smacks on my thick, fleshy ass started. Very lightly at first, he was teasing me with light strokes over my already dripping pussy lips.

The smacks on my ass got more intense, making me whimper and quiver. He alternated between rubbing my ass and spanking, letting the blood rush to the surface. Driving me ever onward into a state of euphoria, letting each delicious smack vibrate my ass and pussy. The little pauses between each strike of his strong hand was perfect. The endorphins flooded me with each strike of his hands.

Then a few minutes later he held the riding crop. Stinging pains made me jump and tremble with each sharp, hard whack on my ass. Then he ran it over my asshole with a sudden smack against my pussy. This made me cry out and almost fall off his lap into a quivering, horny wreck.

“Does my slut like that?”

“Yes-fuck yes I do!” I felt a tear under my blindfold even as the pain made me wanna cum so badly. Every moment of the painfully exquisite play made me more and more his slave. Ironically, in my surrender, I became more free inside than ever before. As he continued his assault on my sopping wetness, I realized something: I had been missing out for so long. I needed a man like this to make me his whore. That was my purpose in life, to be his plaything.

Soon he put his fingers deep inside my cunt, wiggling them all around and teasing me, he laughed a little while I moaned like a desperate, undignified slut. He suddenly moved to my ass and rubbed my tight hole with vigorous movement before plunging them inside me. He pulled my hair and fucked me to the point of orgasm, I writhed on his lap as my tight asshole clenched his probing digits.

I lay there still panting and catching my breath when he growled at me. “Lick them clean you slut.”

I smelled my ass and pussy on his fingers and hungrily licked my juices off of him. He helped me get up and put me on the bed. He restrained me on my stomach and proceeded to run the riding crop over my wet pussy before giving me some hard smacks on my jiggling ass.

“Are you my naughty slut?”

“Yes I am daddy!”

“I can’t fucking hear you!” He gave me a few more good whacks for good measure.

“Yes daddy! I’m a bad girl!” I yelled with more tears soaking my blindfold. “I’ve been naughty! Fuck me, use me, punish me!”

I was so horny I started humping the bed, feeling my nectar dripping on the towel he had put there I wanted him inside me so fucking bad, but then I heard a buzzing noise. I tingled with the thought of what was coming next, because I had also ordered a Hitachi and a vibrator with different attachments.

I soon felt the slick egg against my asshole, I moaned like a debased whore as she slipped the egg inside me. The cord was sticking out that connected the control. Then he pushed the Hitachi under me so my body weight held it in place. Then suddenly he licked my crack, running his tongue over my crinkled hole and over my hairy eryaman escort lips. I shivered in my whimpering, needy desperation as he licked me several times.

Then he turned both of the toys on, and I heard him walking away.

“Don’t move.” He commanded, as if I had a choice. I had my wrists and ankles secured to the bed with my bare, sopping wet ass sticking out.

My body was soon ablaze with those powerful vibrations shaking me deep inside my cunt and ass. I was so fucking steaming hot and my libido was on absolute overdrive. The minutes passed slowly for me, each passing second I felt myself slowly trickling over my pubic hairs. Before long the delicious tremors spread through my thrashing limbs as the restraints held me down tight.

“Fuck…ohhh…fuck…fuck..ohhh..my fucking god!. fuuuuuck!” I muttered and mumbled with drool running from my thick lips as I cursed from the relentless assault that was shaking my trembling body into a squealing, squirting heap of undignified horniness. And I gritted my teeth with my head pounding as I pushed it into the pillow and let out a primal scream of sheer orgasmic noise.

He still wasn’t back yet, and my tortured clit became sensitive to the point of becoming totally unbearable. Fuck, I had never cum like that before. The increasing, insane intensity made me form a puddle on the towel. It was squirting, trickling and oozing out of me, I was amazed my body could produce so much of that sex juice.

My pussy had soaked my ass crack with my juices, my asshole and my butt cheeks were getting covered in it. I let out another harsh scream and my cunt juices seemed to spray everywhere. The towel was soaked with my hot cum, and it might have soaked through into the quilt. I don’t know how long I laid there, but I was a humiliated, spasming, sticky wet, messy slut after a while. Then I heard a ceramic mug make contact with my dresser, he had made himself some coffee. He made me wait there for him while he took his sweet time, he knew how to torment me just right, and that was a real turn on for me.

“So baby.” He spoke in the deepest voice he could muster. I didn’t think he could get me even more aroused, I was wrong. That voice did things to me that are indescribable. “Is my little plaything enjoying herself?”

“Ye…yes…yes da-daddy.” My voice was a pathetic murmur. Like my orgasms had tossed my rational mind into a beautiful oblivion of heavenly bliss. I was on the high tide of my staggering climax, I could still feel it pulsing inside my sweating body.

Then he fingered me again and rubbed his hand across my face. I slobbered and sucked on his filthy fingers like the whore he had made me into.

“Mmmm..mmm..mmm.yesss daddy. Make me lick it off.” I whored myself out for him, and I loved every second of it. Then he gently rubbed and caressed my body before taking the restraints off.

“Come here baby.” He removed my blindfold and I saw my huge wet spot on the bed, he had made my pussy into a fountain. He led me over to the chair again, he turned me around and he swiftly removed his pants. I knew what was coming and I stuck my fat ass out with my thighs still slick with all that cum.

I was beyond ready for him, etimesgut bayan escort he just shoved his thick cock deep inside me with a wet thrust.

I felt my hanging tits bouncing hard as I dug my gripping pink nails into the chair. He absolutely pounded me from behind like a wanton whore. I begged for rough sex and he delivered like he always does. His strong hands gripping my hips and slapping my fleshy ass cheeks over and over again. The stinging of my ass combined with his cock stuffing my wet cunt completely pushed me over the edge.

He fucked me so hard that I bounced against his thrusting hips. Our sweating, sexy bodies collided and grinded together in a dizzying typhoon of hot lust. My brain was lost in the wondrous haze of the fucking I was receiving, and I loved every second if it. I whimpered, cried and yelped as that hot stud had his way with me. I knew my place, I was his to be fucked whenever and wherever he wanted. That really satisfied me in so many ways.

Yet again my pussy was a throbbing, gaping, dripping mess, his cock getting soaked by the squirting as he continuously fucked me into absolute elation. If my cunt had a hair-trigger, he had found it. His cock, his mouth, those long fingers giving me such absolute pleasure.


I listened to her moaning as I thrust deep inside her, I could feel my balls hitting her hairy cunt. I had to contain myself ever since I had arrived, spanking and fingering her with my cock pushing so hard against my underwear.

She did not disappoint as she allowed herself to totally surrender to me. And I had given her just what she wanted, leaving her in a daze of pain and pleasure.

I pulled hard on her afro, relishing that noise escaping her open mouth. Her wonderful gasps of surprise mixed with her deep moans. I went balls deep inside her, feeling that egg vibrating through her ass, sending a tingling through my dick. The sensations from her wet, milking cunt squeezing me tight were glorious.

I pulled out though with a loud, sloppy sucking noise. “Get on your knees.” I said and she obeyed, I sat in the chair. “I wanna fuck your big tits.”

“Yes daddy, do whatever you want to me.”

She sucked, licked and slapped my cock against her puffy nipples. Her fat tits rubbed on my slick cock, demanding all of my jizz. I was so close. I looked into her big beautiful eyes with her mascara running down from under them. Her face was a sloppy mess, and she looked so gorgeous to me at that moment.

My ass cheeks tensed up and she felt my thighs go tight. “I want it daddy!” She pleaded. “Please cum on your hot slut!”

My breath felt stuck in my throat as it surged out of me, then a loud growl as it hit her in the face with arcing splats hitting her hot, sweaty flesh. It poured out of me, covering her tits, her neck and her greedy tongue in an obscene glaze of thick spunk. She smiled at me and licked it all up, she looked so trashy and perfect at the same time.

She held my cock and balls while noisily slurping all the cum off, licking it like it was an expensive delicacy. She sucked my sensitive cock deep into her mouth and I stroked her hair, we both enjoyed the afterglow together.

She soon sat on my lap once again, holding me close to her. She cooed and snuggled against my warm body, purring with complete satisfaction.

“Are you daddy’s special little cum slut?”

“Yes, yes daddy I am.” She answered with a big, satisfied smile…

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