You and Me at Work


Disclaimer: Both characters are adults and everything they do is consensual. A woman’s particular outfit does not mean that she wants sex. Slutshaming is real and harmful. It is implied that consent about dirty talking and infliction of pain has been discussed beforehand, including safewords.


I need you. I need you here, right now, please.

You turn to look at me, smile politely, and ask about the conference that we’re supposed to go to later that week. I can’t concentrate on a word you’re saying. All I can think about is you pushing me up against a wall, lifting my skirt up, and fucking me.

Fuck. But we’re colleagues, aren’t we? We’ve been working together for a while now, and apart from casually flirting and sharing cigarettes, we had never been inappropriate at work. I guess that’s what makes it sort of taboo, and all the more exciting. I know you. I know you so well. Your politeness is just a façade you’re putting up right now, considering the texts you sent me this morning. You’re filthy, and it was hard making eye contact with you without blushing. It didn’t help that you were looking incredible today, picking out your outfit carefully for once. What a shame that I wanted it off your body.

After an extremely harrowing day of me watching you casually go about your work and not even look at me properly, I was frustrated. Look at me, goddammit, I didn’t wear sincan escort slutty 6-inch red heels with a fitted skirtsuit to work for nothing. I was feeling so good in the morning after looking at myself in the mirror, that I couldn’t resist imagining how it would be if you walked in on me touching myself in this outfit. I

was so sure that you’d not be able to keep your eyes, and more importantly, your hands, off me.

Anyway, I guess that did not work. It was almost 8, and most people had gone home. I had just been handed an urgent task that needed completion, so I’d figured that I was going to be there for the night. Downloading reports on my computer, I sat back, taking in the silence of the office.


I turned back. It was you, with your blazer off your shoulders and your tie slightly loosened. You were smirking at me, and I wanted to slap you.

“You’re still here?” I asked, trying hard to be nonchalant. We were the only two people there, and my heart was pounding against my chest. “Yes. Had to finish up some work. You’re still downloading those reports? I thought they were done with that project.”

“They’re trying to see if they can revive it,” I said, as you walked closer to me. You were leaning against my desk now. “Did you think I didn’t notice?” You asked.

I looked up at you. “Notice what?”

“That you’re sıhhiye escort dressed like that today? Like you wanted me to push your head down and make you suck me off under my desk?”

My eyes widened. The thought of him thinking about things like that, while he pretended to be so uninterested all day, made me want to strip and let him do whatever he wants to. I couldn’t help but glance at your crotch. And I saw what I wanted to. As I smiled at you, you almost blushed.

That didn’t last long though. The raw, almost hungry look was back in your expression and I wanted to see that get even more intense. Sitting in my chair, I started to undo the buttons of my shirt, taking my time with each one. I knew that you wanted to tear it off, but I said no.

“Watch me.”

After my shirt was undone, I unzipped my skirt and shimmied it off my hips and thighs and let it fall onto the floor. I stood up, white silk lingerie, and red heels, in front of you. Silently undoing your belt and unzipping your pants, I went down on my knees to take out your cock, which was practically ready to burst through your briefs.

You feel so good in my mouth. Grabbing on to my hair, you guided my pace and groaned softly, alternating between swearing and whispering my name. I reached down with my hand between my legs. I was so goddamn wet.

You took your dick out of my subayevleri escort mouth. “Stand up.” Your voice was stern. Fuck yeah.

I stood up, and you wrapped your arms around me as you kissed me. You undid my bra, and put your hands on my breasts. You’re so gentle, so warm. I was almost getting soft and comfortable, but then you grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back in one quick motion.

“You want to be fucked?”


Raising your voice, you asked me again.

“You want to be fucked, huh?!”

“Yes, yes, please, fuck me!”

Turning me around, you bent me over my desk, your hard cock rubbing against me. Pushing my panties to a side, you slowly fingered me, causing me to get wetter and wetter in anticipation. Eventually, you slid them off of me.

“Spread your legs for me, slut.”

I did, and felt the tip of your cock rubbing against my pussy. “Do you want it?”

“Yes, please, I want it.”

“Ask for it, then.”

“I need you to be inside me, please. I need to feel my tight little pussy wrapped around your cock. Please?”

You thrust into me. “Fuck,” I gasped. “How do you feel so fucking big inside me?”

We continued to fuck slowly until I couldn’t control myself anymore.



“Harder! Fuck me like a real man, you bitch.”

You were ramming into me hard, each thrust made me curse out loud. I couldn’t think of anything but you fucking me like I was always meant to be fucked.

Softly, you told me you were going to come. On the edge myself, I wasn’t going to let you pull out of me. A few minutes later, we were both satiated. All the remained to be done was cleanup, and work.

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