You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden – by SBarak1


You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden – by SBarak1You Can Find Nymphs in Your Garden – a story by SBarak1I had finished a contracting role and had a few weeks off before starting my next assignment. It was time to catch up on some odd jobs around the house. I also wanted to pursue my professional photography ambitions.I made a list and at the top was getting the roof guttering cleaned out. Living in a two story town house meant that it was not easy to access the top section of roof. So rather than trying to do it myself, I jumped on Google and searched for gutter cleaning businesses in the area. I made a few calls and submitted some on-line enquiries. A bloke dropped around and checked out the place the next day and in the end I got a couple of reasonable quotes. One quote stood out, as the company used a large vehicle mounted industrial vacuum system. They could did the job quickly and it was half the price of the other quotes. I booked them in.On the day I made sure I was at home and at the appointed time. The temperature was warm, about 30C. There was a knock at the front door. I opened the door to find a bright young blond looking at me. “Hi! I’m Debbie, we’re here to do your gutters”. Debbie was about 5’5”, slim, athletic build with big boobs for her frame and neat ass. She had a pretty face with full lips. “Hi, I’m Alan, you’re bang on time”, I responded, expecting to see a guy. “We aim to please”, continued Debbie with a smile in her bubbly voice. “Emily is just setting up. It should take us 10 minutes to get ready. Is there anything we need to know before we get started”? “No, everything should be fairly straight forward. I will unlock the side gate to give you access to the back yard”, I replied. “OK”, said Debbie. “I reckon the job will take about an hour. Barry, the guy at the office, will email an invoice when we are finished. I will get going then”. I followed Debbie out the front of the house admiring her nice ass tightly packed into a pair of cut-off denim shorts. I looked over to see Emily unpacking the equipment. She had got the ladder ready and was setting up the vacuum. I spoke to Debbie, “If there is anything you need just knock on the door”. “Sounds good”, said Debbie. She continued, “That’s Emily over there. Hey Em, this is Alan, he’s the guy we’re doing the job for”. Emily looked up. I could see she was about the same age as Debbie, early to mid 30’s”. She was dressed similarly to Debbie in runners, loose fitting tee-shirt and tight shorts. She also had an athletic build, blond hair, pert boobs and an ass to match. She had a pretty face and was a little shorter and lighter than Debbie. “Hi Alan”, Emily responded. “Hi Emily nice to meet you. Hey Debbie, I’m surprised to see the two of you here”, I said. Debbie turned around and looked at me. “Well, I was expecting a bloke, the way Barry was talking”, I went on. “Oh, that’s OK. That would probably be Kevin. He does most of the work but Barry books us in when we are available. You see we work together in a retail store in the city but we don’t get enough shifts. Through a friend, a couple of years ago, we started giving Barry a hand with this business. With this vacuum it makes the job so much easier. We like the work, it pays well and it keeps us fit”, Debbie replied. “Fair enough. I will leave you to it”, I said. I watched the women a bit longer and then went back in-doors.Well that’s not something you see every day I thought closing the front door. Two blond nymphs cleaning gutters. I went back to the study and continued working at the computer. I could hear the girls talking to each other and dragging the vacuum hose over the roof. I walked outside about 30 minutes later with two large glasses of ice cold water. “Here you go ladies”, I shouted over the din of the vacuum machine. Debbie looked up, raised her fingers to her mouth and gave a sharp piercing whistle. Emily promptly shut down the vacuum. They both climbed down the ladder and took the offered glasses. “Hot work”, I said, as they both gulped their glasses of water down. Both girls were sweating. I was admiring their boobs through their clinging tee-shirts. I could see Emily’s nipples were hard and prominent. “Yep, sure is”, said Emily as she caught my eye checking her out. The girls handed their glasses back to me, said thank you and were quickly back up the ladder and on the roof. Gee they don’t slow down, I thought, as I went back inside and put the glasses in the sink. I then went into the garage to do some test shots in my makeshift photography studio. I must have been there for about 30 minutes changing lighting positions and experimenting with camera settings when I heard a knock.Emily was at the front door. “We’ve finished Alan”, she said “and are just cleaning up. Deb’s covered in mud and dirt from the gutters and wants to know if we could use the hose in the back yard to clean up”? “That’s OK”, I responded, looking down at Emily. She was streaked in dirt and mud as well “I will go out the back to set it up and will see you there”. The girls walked around to the back yard. I had connected the hose, fitted a trigger spray and run it out to the small area of lawn. I had brought out some soap and a towel. I handed Emily the hose and Debbie walked out into the middle of the lawn and proceeded to take off her runners and socks. She threw them aside and to my etiler escort surprise Emily turned the full force of the spray onto Debbie. Debbie squealed as the cold water hit her. Emily hosed Debbie down thoroughly. I was enjoying the show. Debbie’s tee-shirt clung to her body showing off her impressive boobs. “That should do me. Your turn Em”, said Debbie. Emily released the trigger spray and handed it to Debbie as they swapped places. “Have you got anything dry to change into”? I asked. “No need”, said Debbie, “Do this all the time. We just drip dry and get going”, she contined. With that Emily slipped off her runners and socks and Debbie commenced to hose her down. Emily turned around a few times. I was really enjoying the show Emily was by now soaking wet and without realizing it I was starting to get a bit of a bulge in the front of my shorts. This did not escape Emily as she turned her back to us and Debbie sprayed her ass. Emily was giggling by now as she leant forward and placed the palms of her hands on the ground and spread her feet about 18” apart. “Nice view Em”, said Deb with a big smile on her face. Emily’s upside down face appeared between her legs. “Why thank you, I try my best. I think Alan likes the view too”, Emily responded. Debbie looked at me and down at my tented shorts. “He certainly does, let’s see what else he likes”.With that Debbie put down the hose, walked out onto the lawn and, with some difficulty, removed Emily’s wet tee-shirt exposing her sports bra. She then peeled off the bra exposing Emily’s pert breasts. She had an even tan and her perfectly formed nipples stared straight at me. I guessed her cup size to be about a D. “What do you think Alan”? Debbie asked as she cupped Emily’s left breast and licked her nipple. “I think they are beautiful”, I replied, standing there rooted to the spot. “Maybe he likes a larger cup size”, said Emily. And with that she worked Debbie’s tee-shirt off and removed a somewhat old and battered bra. Debbie’s breasts swung free. Although she had a small frame her boobs were big for her size. I guessed she had to be a 32EE at least. Her nipples were hard surrounded by a dark puckered areolae. “Careful Deb, you might take someone’s eye out with one of those”, said Emily giggling, as both girls looked up at me. “There you go Alan, now what do you think? Whose tits do you like the best? Mine or Deb’s”, asked Emily. It was almost a surreal experience. I was standing in my back yard on a sunny day. Which in itself was very normal. However I was being confronted by two semi-naked wet nymphs who were comparing their naked breasts and asking me for an opinion. I lifted my left arm up and pinched my forearm so the girls could see. They looked at each other and then Debbie spoke up. “What did you do that for”? “I thought I better check this wasn’t a dream”, I replied. Both girls giggled and looked back at me. “Well I like both of your breasts. They both have admirable qualities”, I continued. The women were clearly enjoying themselves.“Hmmmm”, said Debbie “I think he needs the whole picture”, she continued, giving Emily a wink. With that both girls slipped off their shorts and panties and looked straight back at me. Both girls were true blonds, unshaved but trimmed. My 9” cock was trying to escape from my shorts. They both looked at my crotch and licked their lips. My discomfort had not escaped their attention. “He likes what he sees, Em”, said Debbie. “Maybe he needs more ‘stimulation’”. With that Debbie planted a big sloppy wet kiss with lots of tongue on Emily. Emily responded and cupped Debbie’s right breast and started playing with her nipple. Debbie reached down and slid a finger into Emily’s pussy. After a minute or so they disengaged and looked at me. “I think he has had enough ’stimulation’ Deb”, said Emily. “I really want to see what sort of heat he is packing in those shorts”, she continued. “Yeah, it looks impressive”, responded Debbie, “I reckon he must be at least 8”. I wonder how thick? My cunt is starting to itch just thinking about it”, she went on. “Yeah”, responded Emily, “I wouldn’t mind getting my lips around whatever is in there. But there is a problem”, she continued. “What that Em”? asked Debbie. “We haven’t hosed him down yet”, Emily responded. With that both girls rushed forward. Debbie grabbed me and Emily turned the hose on me. After I had been completely soaked Emily squatted down and took my runners off and Debbie peeled off my sopping tee-shirt. Both girls then squatted down in front of me. Their heads at groin height. “Even with that cold water he still looks as hard as ever Em”, said Debbie. My cock was still straining at the front of my shorts and was still rock hard. “Yeah, not bad for an older bloke. How old do you think he is”? responded Emily. “I dunno. I reckon he’s got a few years on us”, said Debbie. “Who cares”, said Emily, as both girls giggled. “My cunt is leaking and I’m so horny I could just about fuck anything right now”, she continued. With that Emily reached forward and tried to pull my shorts down. The waist band got caught on my cock so Debbie reached up and over and pulled my cock free. The relief was immediate, my cock enjoyed its new found freedom as I stepped out of my shorts. I looked down. Both girls were staring at my cock as it continued ümraniye escort to grow to its full 9”. By now veins were standing out and the head was a light shade of purple. Even by my standards I was very hard. Debbie finally spoke up. “I guess he really likes our tits then”, she said. Emily looked up at me with a big grin. “I think he likes the ‘whole picture’ Deb”, replied Emily. “Great cock Alan”, said Debbie. “Em and I really want to find out how you fuck”. Both girls were nodding their heads as I squatted down to their eye level.I looked at both of them and said, “I really liked the show. You are real cock teasers as you can see by the results. You have made me rock hard, soaking wet and naked in my back yard. But the time has come”. They both looked at each. “Whadayamean”, said Emily. “I’m gunna suck your cunts dry and screw your asses off”, I replied in a menacing voice with a big grin. With that I pushed forward, catching each girl with an arm around the waist, onto the muddy wet grass. With Emily on her back I spread her legs wide and dived into her pussy with my tongue. Debbie positioned herself on her back beside Emily so I reached over and with my left hand and slide two fingers into her sopping went cunt. I sucked Emily’s cunt and clit hard like there was no tomorrow. Emily was letting out little screams and giggles of delight as I felt small shudders pulse through her body. Her clit started to swell. Hmmm, she’s got something here worth exploring later I thought. I felt Debbie move slightly under me, first a hand then warm lips encircle my cock. Lying down beside Emily she had positioned her hips so I could continue to finger her cunt as she sucked me. After a short while I moved around so I was between Debbie thighs and dived in. Emily rolled across and commenced to suck my cock. I pushed my tongue as far as I could into Debbie’s hungry cunt. She was gushing her cunt juice all over my face. I moved up to her clit and sucked hard. She squealed loudly. I lifted my head and moved up Debbie’s wet body. With my face over her’s, dripping her juices off the end of my nose, I lowered my lips to hers and explored her mouth with my tongue. She pushed her tongue into my mouth in response. I then moved back down her torso and sucked at her hard nipples. I felt her convulse and let out a whimper. If I didn’t know better I think she just came from me sucking her engorged nipples. I turned my attention to Emily, moved around, knelt between her legs and moved up to give her a passionate deep throated kiss. I then gave her nipples a nibble and a suck. I then knelt up and looked down at the girls. “So who’s gunna be first”, I asked. Both girls sprung into action. They both rolled over and presented their asses to me doggy style. “Would I be correct in guessing this is both your favourite position”? I asked. “Sure is”, they both giggled together.I looked down. My hard cock was wobbling in front of me just inches from Emily’s ass. I was as hard as anything approaching ‘blued steel’ on my scale of cock rigidity. ‘Blued Steel’ is the hardest. I reached around and fingered Emily’s sopping cunt and felt her engorged clit. She was ready. I rubbed my now wet hand on the head of my cock and found Emily’s swollen pussy lips. With one thrust I was all the way up her slippery hole. I grabbed her hips and started to pump. While this was happening Debbie had moved around behind me and was kneeling and pushing against me. She was matching my thrusts with her hips behind mine as her left hand felt the base of my cock and Emily’s swollen pussy. I reached around and grabbed her ass cheeks and as we thrusted in and out of Emily. I now had my rhythm as I could feel Emily’s cunt muscles start to respond, pulsing around my cock. I placed my hands back on Emily’s hips and gripped her tight. She let out a moan. She felt ready. I increased speed and as I did felt her start to shudder. She cried out “FFFFUUUUUUUUUUCK” and I felt her slump. I gently withdrew my still very hard cock. Debbie, who was still behind me, started to stroke my slick cock. “Now Deb, your turn. Assume the position”, I said. Debbie immediately moved back to her previous position on all fours and I moved in behind her. I saw Emily slump to the ground and I could see her left hand gently rubbing her pussy. I reached around to feel Debbie’s inviting pussy and slide two fingers in. She was sopping wet. I felt her thighs, they were soaked as well. I guided my cock to her waiting pussy lips. Before I could thrust in she pushed back on me and swallowed my cock. Impatient little bitch I thought. Time for you to be really fucked. I grabbed her firmly on the hips and quickly built up speed. Although she was wetter then Emily her cunt wasn’t quite as big so I could feel my cock head banging against her cervix. Each time this happened she let out a little grunt. I pounded her as fast as I could go. Debbie cried out “Oh My God you are so fucking hard. Make me cum. Make me cum. Make me cum. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me harder”. She was a talker! I could feel she was close and summoning my last reserves thrust into her as hard and as fast as I could. “FUCK ME! FUCK ME!”, Debbie cried out. “I’M GUNNA CUM! I’M GUNNA CUM! I’M CUMMING! OH FUCK I’M CUMMMMMMING!”, she went on. Debbie let out a load groan and toppled sarıyer escort forward. My cock slide out of her as she started to gush. She was a squirter as well. She squirted me as her cute ass faced skywards and piss arced through the air.Here I was kneeling behind Debbie. She had her juice and piss dribbling down her inner thighs. Her shapely ass sticking in the air. Emily was still lying face down fingering herself clearly turned on by what had just happened beside her. All 3 of us were covered in grass, mud, and other bodily fluids to varying degrees. My cock was still rock hard. I stood up and said, “Right you horny little fuckers. Time to clean up.” They both looked at me with that doe eyed, I have just cum, dreamy look and didn’t move. I went over and grabbed the soap and the hose. I gently ran some water from the hose on Debbie’s back. The water was warm from the sun on the hose. I washed off some of the grass and mud. She responded and started to stand up. I played some warm mater on Emily she stood up as well. I gently hosed them both down as the water got colder. Debbie took the hose from me and washed me down. I handed her the soap. She soaped me up, paying particular attention to my still hard cock, and hosed me down again. Debbie then soaped up Emily and I rinsed her off. Debbie then soaped herself up and let me rinse her off. I grabbed the towel and we shared it around. Emily then squatted down in front of my cock and gave it a lick. “He’s still very hard ya know Deb”, Emily said very matter of factly. “That’s because he hasn’t cum yet silly”, replied Debbie. “He could have very easily kept fucking you and cum but he stopped to fuck me. He must be about ready to bust a nut”, continued Debbie. “Well we better fix that then and clean out this last pipe”, said Emily in her matter of fact tone. “There must be a bed in inside somewhere”, she continued. With that Emily grabbed me by the cock and headed across the lawn to the back door. “C’mon Deb, we’ve got to finish the job properly. Don’t want a bad report getting back to Barry”. And so with Emily leading (with a huge grin on her face), her left hand firmly gripping my still very hard cock, and Debbie following (with an equally big grin) we stepped through the back door of the house. I pointed the way to the stairs.Once in the bedroom Debbie pushed me onto the bed. I moved into the centre on my back. “Who’s turn is it Deb”? asked Emily. “Must be mine Em”, replied Debbie. With that both of them jumped on the bed and before I realized what was happening Emily had straddled me and sat on my cock. Debbie sat on my face. Both women faced each other and squirmed into position. I searched for Debby’s cunt with my tongue as Emily settled on my cock as deep as it would go in her. I placed my hands on Emily’s hips. I could feel both women lean forward to kiss each other. Debbie continued to grind her pussy on my face as I lifted Emily and commenced to pump her. It wasn’t long before I felt a twitch from Emily’s cunt muscles. I concentrated on my rhythm. Emily let out a gasp and convulsed. Debbie held her tightly as she came. It didn’t take me much longer. I exploded inside Emily pushing her hips up. I let out an explosive “FUUUUUUUCK”! As I dropped down, my cock slipped out of Emily and I sprayed my load up my torso and splattered Debby’s groin. My cock kept convulsing spurting strings of jizz over me and onto Debbie. There was a long pause. “Everything OK down there”, asked Debbie. I responded with a muffled grunt. Debbie let go of Emily. “Good, wasn’t it Em”, Debbie asked. Emily gathered her thoughts. “Great cum but I wanted all his spoof inside me”, replied Emily. Debbie eased off my face. She lifted her leg over and knelt beside me. “Maybe next time”, said Debbie, as she lent down and kissed my lips. “I like tasting ‘me’ on another’s lips”, she said as she kissed me again. I was spent. Just then Emily yelled out “Shit, is that the time”! She was staring at the clock beside the bed. “Barry’s gunna kill us”, she went on. “bloody Hell”! said Debbie. Before I could say anything both women had jumped off the bed and bolted downstairs and were in the back yard. I lifted myself up as I heard the hose being used. Emily was urging Debbie on, “Don’t worry about that! Just leave them and get to the truck”, she said.I went downstairs and out to the lawn. I heard the truck take off down the street as I looked around. Strewn on the lawn were my wet clothes along with the Debbie and Emily’s bras, panties and socks.A few hours later Barry phoned. “Just following up to see how the girls went”, he said. “Great job”, I responded. “Very professional. You’ve got some good workers there. They really seem to enjoy what they do”, I replied. “Good to hear it mate. I’m emailing the invoice through as we speak”, he continued. “No worries, I’ll pay it straight away. There’s just one thing”, I said. “What’ that”? asked Barry. “They’ve left a few things behind”, I replied. “They do that sometimes”, said Barry. “Tell you what. They have gone home now. I’m going to ring them right now and send them back straight away to collect the stuff. It will teach them a lesson. I’m sick of my workers leaving tools and ladders behind”, he continued. I was about to correct him. But before I could he said in an annoyed tone, “Good onya mate, thanks for your business”, and hung up the phone.To be continued…Dear Reader, These stories are all my own work. I draw from real life experience, stories I have heard and my vivid imagination. If you like what you read please let me know. For those of you interested I am open to your suggestions. Ladies, if you want to become part of the narrative, let me know.

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