You Could Say I’m Old Fashioned


“Hey girl! This guy, I think his name is Roy, wants me to dance with him so I’ll be back later. Try to enjoy yourself in the meantime. You deserve it!” my best friend, Stephanie, says as a handsome man drags her toward the mob of sweaty and grinding bodies. She turns around and her long blonde hair bounces as she walks away. She sways her narrow hips as she walks, then I see her sparkly red dress disappear into the abyss.

I sit at the bar, utterly alone. I can’t believe Steph would leave me tonight. After the day I’ve had I’m surprised she left my side. To be fair though, she’s a little more than wasted.

Earlier today, I called her to take me out. I just finished arguing with my ex about who gets to keep what as he finished moving out of the apartment we shared just a few short months ago. A lot of it was easy to sort through, but we fought over who got to keep the stuff we bought together. It was a long day of him trying to win me back and me trying to get him the hell out. Cheaters don’t get second chances.

I came to this bar in a hope to get really wasted with Steph and then go home to eat take-out and watch a romcom. Super stereotypical, right?

I’m pulled out of my thoughts by a voice coming from my right.

“Howdy there, is this seat taken?” says the voice, with a slight Southern drawl. I look over at the man and blush from just the sight of him.

He has deep green eyes with gold specks sparkling in the light which contrasts well to his tan skin. His hair is dark brown which matches the scruff on his face, giving him a sort of rugged look. He’s very tall, at least six foot three, and is bulky in a way that screams one word… “hot”.

He has a dark brown cowboy hat on with a loose plaid shirt that has the top two buttons unclasped. He’s wearing dark blue jeans and cowboy boots to match his hat.

“Oh, um, no. Go ahead,” I say awkwardly. I don’t normally like country boys, but this man seems to have something special about him.

He chuckles, “Alrighty then. So what’s a pretty little lady like you sitting all alone in a bar like this?” he asks, putting on some charm.

I’m not what I perceive to be “gorgeous”. I’m certainly not unattractive, though. I have brown, wavy hair that reaches just below my shoulders and deep blue eyes that I’ve been told twinkle in the moonlight. My body is pretty curvy; I’ve got 34C cup boobs and a round ass that jiggles with my every step, along with a slender waist. I’m five foot four, though the heels I’m wearing add some height.

I’m wearing a sunshine yellow short sleeve crop top with no bra (which is pretty obvious to see) and black short shorts, along with two inch black heels.

“I was with my friend, but she ditched me to go dance. So now I’m just sulking to myself. Until you came along, of course,” I reply.

“Why would you have any reason to sulk?” he asks.

“Well, today my ex grabbed the last of his things from what used to be our apartment. It was pretty stressful. Don’t get me started on him trying to get me back; the subtle touches, the I’m sorry’s, the I still love you’s… the whole nine yards. The asshole cheated on me then had the nerve to try and get a second chance… I’m sorry, you probably don’t want to hear about my ex,” I say, embarrassed I just told a total (hot) stranger about the happenings of today.

“You never need to apologize to me, I understand the need to let it out. I went through a similar situation not too long ago,” he replies.

“Is that so? How long ago, if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Two years ago, we had been dating almost three years. It takes a while to move on, but you’ll get there. How long ago did you two break up?”

“Six months ago. He was too afraid to ask for his stuff back until now. I’ve had enough time to rebound and mostly get over his sorry ass. I can’t help but wonder, though, what I could’ve been doing with my spare time for the four years we were dating,” I reply. I spent some time gathering myself after the break up and found myself quickly falling out of love with him. All it took was me reminding myself that he isn’t shit.

“Bravo to you for being able to get over a loser so fast,” he says, smiling a genuine smile that could make any girl swoon.

“Why, thank you,” I smile back.

“How rude of me, I haven’t properly introduced myself. I’m James, and you are?” he asks.

“I’m Rose, nice to meet you James,” I reply, holding out my hand for him to shake. He takes it, but instead of shaking it he turns my hand so my palm is facing the floor and kisses it softly. I feel a tingle run from my hand straight to the apex of my thighs.

“The pleasure is all mine, Rose,” he says. I blush for the second time and look away quickly, gently pulling my hand away too. He grabs my chin and turns my head to look at him.

“Don’t hide that face of yours, darlin’. It’s too extraordinary to be tucked away,” he smiles again. I nearly melt.

“I’ve known you for less than five minutes and you’re already giving me butterflies,” I think to myself. eryaman escort I pull myself out of my fantasy and realize that I actually said it out loud! “Oh I said that out loud, didn’t I? Uh, heh, that’s embarrassing,” I say meekly.

“Don’t you worry, I thought it was quite adorable,” he replies. He moves closer to me and stares into my eyes.

“Hi,” I say stupidly.

“Do you mind if I kiss you?” he asks politely.

“Here? In this crowded bar?” I ask.

“Unless you’d rather go somewhere more private,” he suggests, standing up to pull me towards the bathrooms.

“Oh! Yes, yeah, sure,” I stutter. He simply smiles and leads the way to an empty restroom, locking the door behind us.

“Now that we’re alone, can I kiss you?” he asks.

“Yes, please just kiss me already,” I giggle. With that, he leans down and presses his lips against mine with a passion I’ve never felt before. He rests his hand on my cheek and draws my face in closer. He leans down some more to lift my legs up so I’m straddling him. He walks over to a wall and presses me against it, putting a strong hand on the wall next to my head for support.

We stay there, kissing like horny teenagers for what seems like hours but was probably only a few minutes. He pulls away to look at me deep in my eyes and I blush for the third time that night.

“You’re so darn gorgeous, babygirl” he says, pushing some loose hair behind my ear.

“Babygirl?” I smile.

“Yes, it’s what I’m gonna call you now. Unless I’m moaning your name, that is,” he whispers. I feel a shiver run down my spine and I nearly rip both of our clothes off right then and there.

“Fuck, you’re so sexy. I want you, James,” I whisper back.

“I want you too, Rose. Unfortunately, I’ve made a rule for myself that I never meet a woman then have sex with her in the same night. I’d like to take you on a date first, then we’ll see about that,” he replies. Definitely not the reaction I was hoping for.

“Then why’d you bring me into a bathroom and pin me against a wall?” I ask, frustrated that I won’t be able to release this tension that’s been rising in my stomach since I first laid eyes on him.

“Because you wouldn’t kiss me in a crowded room, and you’re quite short so lifting you up was my only option, unless I wanted a crook in my neck tomorrow morning,” he replies.

“Those are some valid points. But I really want you right now.”

“So then are you rejecting my proposal for a date?” he asks, putting me back down on my feet.

“I would love to go on a date with you, James,” I reply eagerly.

“Good, because I already have something in mind.”

“Would you please make an exception to your rule? I really want to feel you… we could go back to my apartment and you could stay the night since I don’t have work tomo-” he cuts me off.

“No exceptions, even for the most beautiful woman around,” he replies. I pout a little and he chuckles.

“Then let’s make the date soon,” I say.

“You’ll have to give me your number then,” he replies. He hands me his phone and I type in my number quickly.

“I’m gonna text myself so I have yours too,” I say. After I finish, I hand him back his phone.

“How bout one more kiss, for the road?” he asks. I grab his shirt and pull him down to kiss me. This time his kiss is soft and slow, giving me a different kind of rush.

“Goodnight, Rose,” he says with a big grin.

“Goodnight, James,” I reply. He tips his hat, opens the door, and disappears into the crowd. I lean against the cool tile wall and sigh. I can already tell that that man is something different. I’m so excited to find out what that ‘something different’ is.


The next morning I wake up to Steph cuddling me, snoring loudly. We’re both still in our clothes from the bar. I wince from the pounding headache my over-drinking caused.

“What happened last night?” I ask myself. The last thing I remember is the fourth shot of Fireball after the sexy cowboy left.

Steph wakes up suddenly and groans, “Why did we drink that much?” she complains.

I laugh lightly, causing my headache to worsen. I look over at the clock and see that it’s 3:27 pm.

“Steph, we should get up and get some stuff for this headache. You go order some really greasy take out and I’ll make us a smoothie or something,” I say groggily. She nods her head and we reluctantly get up.

I shove a handful of dates, two cut up bananas, some kale (only a little), a few scoops of yogurt, and pour some coconut milk into a blender. I throw a few scoops of ice in there and put the lid on, all the while letting my mind wander to that cowboy.

(ps… this smoothie really works for a hangover, at least for me and my friends)

I wonder if he texted me… I think to myself, getting excited in more ways than one at the thought. I walk to my room and grab my phone out of my purse.

“Hey gorgeous, what’re you doing tonight?” reads the text.

“I’m completely free. What’d you have in mind, esat escort cowboy?” I ask. I put my phone in my pocket and walk back into the kitchen to finish making our drink.

“Hey, so I called that pizza place a few blocks over and they’ll be here with two pizzas in about twenty minutes,” Steph says, rounding the corner to see me pouring our hangover cure drink with a huge smile.

“Here you go, my best friend,” I say, handing her a glass.

“What’s gotten you so happy?” she asks curiously. She takes a long drink of the smoothie when I do and I immediately start to feel a little better.

“Did I tell you about the cowboy I met last night?” I ask excitedly.

“No! When I came back to where you were sitting you had five shot glasses in front of you and a sixth in your hand,” she says, laughing.

“Oh my, girl. This man was one of the most beautiful specimens I’ve ever seen. My ex Harry was sexy, but this cowboy brought that word to a whole new level.

“He had these eyes that I could just get lost in, green like emerald with gold sprinkled in them. His jawline was so defined and he had this cute little nose. He was super tall and well built, and with his whole cowboy outfit on, I almost swooned. Mmm and that drawl… You know I don’t like country men but I’m telling you, anyone would make an exception with this one,” I say, finishing my ranting.

“Damn girl, he must’ve really given you a good fucking for you to be talking about him like this,” she laughs.

“That’s the thing! We went into the bathroom and were kissing, it was like a fire that burned everywhere, and then he said he doesn’t have sex with a lady right after he meets her!” I say, frustrated all over again.

“What!? He turned down sex with you?” she says with shock all over her face.

“He wants to take me out tonight, and I said yes,” I smile wide.

“If you don’t get laid tonight, I swear I’ll give him a talking to,” she says, only half joking.

I feel a buzz in my pocket so I grab my phone, “Let’s see what he says,” I say to Steph.

“I was hoping I could take you to dinner? I know a really wonderful Italian place called Giuseppe’s.”

“Giuseppe’s?! That place is, like, really nice,” Steph says.

I text back, “I would love that. When will you be picking me up?”

“Perfect, now all we have to do is wait for a reply,” I say. Just then, the pizza man knocks on the door, making us jump. We open the door and he gives us our pizzas, and we tip him generously.

We watch the romcom we were planning on watching last night while we eat.

After we’re finished, I look down at the mess I am.

“I’m going to go shower, I’ll be right back,” I tell Steph.

While I’m in the shower, my mind keeps wandering to the feeling of James’ body against my own. I feel myself getting more and more excited, even as I’m trying to push the thoughts away. Maybe if I take care of myself now, I won’t be thinking of one thing the entire time we’re together.

I reach down and run a finger lightly across my clit, making me gasp. It’s more sensitive than I’m used to. I move my finger down more and slowly insert it into my pussy, holding back a moan. I reach my other hand up to pull at my nipple lightly and I bite my lip.

I put in another finger and lean against the shower wall. I move my fingers in and out of my aching hole, wanting release so badly. I can just imagine him kneeling in front of me, looking up as he pleasures me with his mouth and hands. Mmm… those strong hands…

I twitch my fingers up occasionally to hit that lovely spot right behind my pubic bone, then pull my nipples harder. It’s not too long before I feel my body get ready for an orgasm. I imagine James pinning me against the wall as he shoves his cock inside me over and over…

With that thought, I cum. Hard. I have to hold on the a ledge to stop my shaking legs from collapsing beneath me. I slowly sit in my tub and let my body calm down.

I step outside of the bathroom and see Stephanie going through my closet.

She hears me enter my room and says, “James messaged you. He said that he’ll be over at seven, then asked for your address. Don’t worry, I answered it for you.”

I ignore what she just said for a moment, “What are you doing?” I ask.

“Picking out your outfit for tonight,” she replies simply.

“Who says I can’t do it on my own?” I retort. She just looks over her shoulder, chuckles, then looks back into my closet.

“Hey! I can be fashionable!” I insist.

“Yeah, sometimes. I just think I should help you out,” she replies, not turning around.

“Fine then, show me what you have in mind,” I say.

“Gladly,” she swings around and lays out a few things on my bed.

She’s picked out the perfect outfit, which annoys me. Laid out in front of me is a long sleeve red plaid crop top I didn’t even know I had, some tight fitting high waisted blue jeans, and black high heels that are just a tiny bit shorter than the ones I had on last night.

She ankara escort walks over to my dresser where I keep my jewelry and grabs a simple silver necklace with a single red ruby.

“I hate you for being right. But I love you for helping me,” I smile slightly and grab the necklace from her.

Steph and I talk about her time with the guy she met last night, and she remembers that she got his number. We decide to text him.

“Hey, Roy. It’s Stephanie from the bar last night. I was wondering if you’re doing anything tonight? ;)”

A few seconds later he replies, “I was hoping you’d text me today. I’m free tonight, do you wanna come over to my place?” We look at each other and smile.

“Way to go, Steph! Are you gonna go? Because I think you should,” I say.

She just smiles at me and I watch her reply, “I’d love nothing more. What time?”

Only a few seconds pass before he replies, “Let’s say seven. My address is 214 Adams Rd.”

“Steph, that’s in an hour. You need to go get ready!”

“Shit, okay. I’m going right now,” she giggles and gets up, jogging to the front door with her heels in her hand.

“Love you, Steph! Don’t forget to send me details tomorrow!” I yell as I hear the door shut. I sigh and get up to finish getting ready.

When the clock reads 6:50 I put on my heels and as soon as I sit down on the couch to wait for him, my doorbell rings. I get up and walk to the door, not wanting to look too desperate by swinging it open two seconds after he rings the bell.

“Hi, James. You’re early,” I say, opening my door.

“Hello, Rose. I was told that it’s never proper to keep a lady waiting,” he smiles.

“Well, you were definitely raised right then,” I smile back.

“Shall we?” he asks, moving out of the doorway for me to step out into the cold night air with him.

“Yes, sir,” I grab my purse off the small table next to the front door. I close and lock my door behind me, then follow him to his truck.

As he walks ahead of me I quickly take a photo of his license plate to send to Stephanie. (Stay safe ladies!)

He opens my door for me and I thank him. I climb in and buckle my seat belt. He jogs lightly to the other side of the car and hops in.

“Ready, darlin’?”

“Ready,” I giggle. He starts his truck and we drive to the restaurant. I check my wallet to make sure I have money for the dinner and am relieved to see I do. I thought I used all of it last night, but I must’ve used my card instead.

We get to a parking garage and he walks to my side to help me out, “You know I can do it myself, right?” I smile.

“I know you’re a strong woman. But that’s not stopping me from being a gentleman.”

“If you insist,” I let him grab my hand to help me down onto the concrete. He holds out his arm and I take it. He locks his car and we walk to the restaurant.

“Howdy, ma’am. Table for two, for James,” he says to the hostess. She smiles at him and glances at me, then shows us to our table. James pulls out my chair and pushes it in once I sit down. I blush at his chivalry as he sits across from me.

“I’m so glad I could take you out, Rose. I know I’ve only met you yesterday, but I enjoy your company.”

“I enjoy yours as well, James.”

“What are you feeling like having tonight?” a waitress asks. James orders some fancy wine and a tasty sounding appetizer.

After we’ve finished eating, I grab my wallet to pay for half.

“Don’t you dare even think about paying for a dime of this meal,” James says, mocking a mean stare.

“Can I at least pay for the tip?” I ask.

“Nope. I’ll pay her a good tip, don’t you worry. But this whole meal is on me. I asked you out, I pay.”

“If you insist,” I smile.

When we get back to my house, James turns off his truck. He gets out and walks me to my door.

“Would you like to come inside?” I whisper, wanting him terribly. Treating me like a princess all night will get you far in my book.

“Would you like me to? I don’t want to overstep any bounds.”

“I wanted you to fuck me in a bathroom last night, you really think this is overstepping bounds?” I giggle.

“Fair enough.”

I unlock my door and let him in. Once the door is shut and locked, I turn around. James pushes me up against the door and kisses me softly. I moan lightly into his mouth and he smirks into the kiss.

“I really have an affect on you, don’t I?”

“Is this not the affect you have on all the girls you sleep with?”

“I don’t get around much, darlin’,” he chuckles and kisses me again before I can say anything else. He lifts me up and kisses me harder as he walks through my house to my bedroom. It’s not hard to find since it’s the only door in the tiny apartment hallway. He tosses me onto my bed and takes off his belt.

“Eager?” I ask slyly as I watch his fingers unbutton his shirt.

“You could say that. I’m looking forward to showing you the one area I’m not gentle…” he says. I moan loudly and start to unbutton my shirt as well.

James leans down to kiss me roughly and unclasps my bra, pulling it off urgently. He kisses my neck and nibbles lightly, making me arch my back. His lips trail kisses and bites down to my left tit. He licks my nipple then bites it lightly, eliciting yet another loud moan from my lips.

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