Young man seduced on a plane by an older woman


Young man seduced on a plane by an older woman> As I wait in line for my flight to Mykonos, I spot a shy young man looking unsure of what to do. It looks like this might be his first international flight. As I approach him to offer my help, I notice how well built his body is, but how young and innocent his face looks. I wonder whether his mind has caught up to his body yet. > > “First time overseas?” I inquire. “Anything I can do to help?” He turns around and smiles at me sheepishly and responds “Yes, ma’am. I was wondering how we get our seat assignments?” “This airline let’s you chose your own. Why don’t you sit by me and I’ll teach you the ins and outs of international travel.” I suggest. “Thanks! I’m kind of nervous since this is my first time flying. I’m going to study abroad for my first year in college.” he shares. I smile at his youthful enthusiasm as I recall my first trip overseas 20 years ago.> > As we walk down the plane’s aisle, I select the exit row which has only 2 seats and more leg room. “Why don’t you take the window seat so you can watch us land?” I suggest. “Nodding his agreement, he slides past me and I notice how firm his young body is. I find myself wishing this young man were closer to my age so we could play during the long flight to Greece. I notice he blushed as he glanced at my large, firm breasts as he was gliding by. Maybe we can play after all?> > During dinner, I order 2 rum and cokes and share them with my young friend. Feeling tipsy, I order us another round from the lenient flight attendant. I start to feel over heated, so I stand up and take off my sweater and kick off my sandals. As I turn around, I notice he is looking at me hungrily admiring my wide hips and large breasts. I’m glad to see he’s a BBW admirer. “You must be hot too. Do you want to change into something more comfortable? This is an over night flight and they will be turning out the lights in about 30 minutes.” I notify him. “Good idea, thanks” he replies as he slides past me facing me. I can smell the liquor on his breath and his cologne as he slides past me. He blushes as my breasts slide across his chest in the confined space.> > When he returns in shorts and a t shirt, I stand up and lean forward against the back of the chair to let him get by. As he starts to pass me, the plane shakes with turbulence and he grabs my hips to steady himself as he falls into me. We pause for a moment to get our bearings and I push my hips back into him slightly and then turn to sit back down. As I graze his lap with my ass, I swear I felt him hardening after our brief collision. Feeling chagrined at teasing this innocent young man, I call the stewardess and order a couple more drinks. > pendik escort > “So, what’s your girlfriend think of your spending a year overseas?” I ask him. “Isn’t she going to miss you?” He blushes becomingly and replies “I’ve never had a girlfriend because my parents wanted me to focus on my studies. My hard work paid off because I already got a full ride for my first year.” He replies proudly. “Congratulations! That’s quite an achievement. Your mom must be very proud.” I comment. Well, he must be a virgin then. How unusual for an 18 year old these days. I think to myself as I admire his well toned physique. His shorts and t-shirt reveal firm tanned legs and arms and a youthful bulge. > > Taking the blankets and pillow out from the over head cabinet, I hand him his and say with a twinkle in my eye > “I guess that means I’ll be the first woman you’ve slept with then.” I say with a grin. He shyly nods yes and unfolds his blanket over his lap. Leaning my chair back, I move the arm rest aside and arrange my pillow so that I’m sleeping on my side facing the window. He does the same so that we are practically spooning without touching. I glance around and look at what our neighbors are doing. Everyone else has already turned out their lights and are fast asleep.> > My head is fuzzy and my body feels warm and tingly from the drinks. I admire his backside. I reach over and trace the design on the back of his t shirt and I hear his breathing starting to increase noticeably. “I love this band!” I say. He doesn’t object to my touching so I boldly continue. As I stroke him, he arches his back and leans into me. I take my blanket and cover us both so no one can see us. I start fingering the hem of his baggy shorts, grazing his inner legs as I circle him. He groans softly and pushes his hips towards mine giving me permission to explore further. I begin rubbing my palms in a circle around his ass, rhythmically kneading him. I reach around to the front and feel his cock straining to escape his shorts. I lick my thumb, reach into his shorts and start circling his head while stroking his shaft as he juts into my hands. I lean in close and begin to lick his ears and pinch his nipples gently as I stroke him. As he is about to come, I hear the flight attendant start to come down the aisle. I kiss his neck and whisper “Someone’s coming” and turn my back to him and use my blanket to cover up.> > After she passes by, I don’t turn around and resume. I want to see if he’s bold enough to initiate. After a couple minutes he turns around and hesitantly spoons me. I snuggle my hips into his and caress his cock with my ass in invitation. He reaches forward and caresses my breasts gingerly, growing bolder escort pendik with each touch. Instinct takes over as he pushes his erection into me, grinding his rigid cock on my soft white ass. I take his hand and caress my pussy over my white lace panties. He takes a sharp breath and massages my pussy with his fingers. After a few strokes, he slips his fingers inside my panties and fumbles around. I guide his fingers to my clit and show him how to caress it. I take his other hand and push 2 of his fingers inside me, in and out while his other hand circles my clit. I can feel his erection growing while he’s finger fucking me. I look around to verify everyone’s still sleeping and then pull my panties off. He responds by taking his shorts off silently and covering us with the blanket. > > I lift my leg slightly and slowly guide his hard cock inside my wet pussy. He reaches around and fondles my large breasts while he thrusts his hips forward repeatedly. He’s groaning too loudly so I push my panties in his mouth and put my fingers to my lips to tell him to be quiet. He continues to pump his cock into me feverishly while I stroke my clit. His youthful vigor is so exciting as I grind my hips on him. As our rhythm syncs up we start grinding faster and faster, trying to be quiet as possible. He bucks his hips and moans deeply while he starts to cum. Watching him helps push me over the edge and I arch my back, cover my mouth and bury my head in the pillow as my orgasm rips through me intensely. Waves of pleasure ripple thru my body as he finishes thrusting inside me. We both lay there for a minute and then he puts his his shorts back on and I adjust my dress to cover my hips. He removes the gag from his mouth and kisses me on the neck and whispers thank you ma’am! I thought it would never happen to me” he says with a smile. > > “Did your mamma teach you that a gentleman always cleans up after himself?” After he nods, I sit up and motion for him to follow me to the bathroom. He eagerly follows me into the bathroom and sits on the toilet while I sit up on the sink and raise my skirt. “Now it’s time to clean up the mess you left behind. A good lover should know how to satisfy a woman orally.” He looks intimidated and fascinated at the same time. He hesitantly leans forward and licks my pussy and tastes our combined juices. Eagerly he shifts forward and spreads my legs further apart and buries his face in my pussy. I’m pleased that he seems to be enjoying himself so much. “It’s important to lick and suck all around, top to bottom. If you’re brave enough, you should ask if you can lick her ass too. Many woman love it but are too shy to ask for it.” He eagerly complies and alternates between pendik escort bayan my pussy and ass. He presses 2 fingers into my cunt while licking me and I feel my orgasm start to build again. Having this beautiful young man service me is so exciting I almost forget to muffle my scream as I begin to come. I bare down on his mouth and grind my hips on his face as I come. He eagerly licks up my juices and stares up at me with lust. > > As I recover I see that he is already hard and wanting to go again. Oh to be young again. “Squirt some of the lotion from that dispenser into your hands and cover the head of your cock with it” I request. He looks at me inquiringly, but obediently complies. “Next, gently apply some to my ass in a circling motion until you feel my muscles relax.” I jump off the sink and bend over and lean against the door. My ass is in his face as he spreads my cheeks and circles my ring gently with lotion. He gently starts pushing his finger inside, massaging to help me relax. I’m impressed that he is such a quick learner. I see that he’s stroking his cock as he fingers my ass. He replaces his finger with his thump and starts circling inside. “Now gently replace your thumb with the head of your cock.” I whisper. He eagerly complies as I slowly back up on his cock. Just as he pushes his cock all the way in, someone knocks on the door. “Sorry, I’m going to be awhile. Dinner didn’t agree with me. I suggest you try the other bathroom sir” I say politely as I clench my muscles hard around his cock as he stands there frozen in fear. > > I hear the man walk away and I begin grinding my hips against him again. He quickly forgets about the interruption and starts slamming his hips into me at a feverish pace. I guess 18 years of waiting was long enough. I reach down and play with my clit as he fucks me from behind. I glance over at the mirror and watch his hard cock slide in and out of my ass. I wish I had a camera I think to myself as I clench my muscles, arch my back and shudder in a violent release. He follows afterward in a frenzy of thrusts and collapses on my back panting. After we recover our breath, I ask him “What does a good lover always do young man?” “He smiles and looks at the come dripping from my ass and replies “Cleans up after himself!” He pushes me forward gently and proceeds to lick the come leaking from my ass with obvious pleasure. It feels so good as he licks me inside and out I feel proud that I’ve taught him how to be a good lover.> > When he’s done we adjust our clothes and he sneaks out first and returns to his chair. I come out a minute later, glancing at the young woman sitting next to the bathroom. She has a huge grin on her face as she looks me up and down and says “Do you offer private lessons for girls too?” I smile and nod and pull her into the restroom. Thank God this is a long flight. I thought it was going to be so boring and now I hope it never ends.”

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